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Frequently Asked Questions

The right landscaping contractor can make sure that any and all requirements you have are addressed with precision. At Blades Lawn Care, we make sure that we address all concerns that are placed before us with ease. On this page, clients can find a lot of the crucial insights that are necessary to determine if we fit their needs. However, if customers that we are catering to need some more information, then they can reach out to us with their questions, and our customer service experts will be happy to help. Our work ethic is second to none across the entire San Antonio, TX area.

What are the perks of professional lawn care?

Getting reliable lawn service means thriving landscapes that you can enjoy all year. Professionals can make sure that the lawns they are working on are well kept and help add more value to any given property with ease. We make sure that any concerns that our customers might have are addressed and rely on our experience to tackle these needs.

How to deal with timely lawn upkeep?

A lawn needs to be regularly mowed, weeded, watered, cleaned, and aerated in order to look its best. If you are looking to get reliable landscaping service, then hiring trusted experts is the right choice to make. Experts can make sure that the level of attention to detail that is necessary to get the job done is something that is not compromised. The entire project is only executed using the best of modern-era techniques and technologies to provide expected results with ease.

Is fertilizing worth the investment?

Yes. Adding quality fertilizers to the soil promotes better plant growth and health by improving the nutrition available in the soil. Our trained professionals can properly apply fertilizer to your lawn, flower beds, and other garden areas for optimal results.

Do you offer power cleaning?

Yes. We are highly reliable professionals that can provide superior-grade power washing! We use modern power-washing technology to clean all types of outdoor surfaces including but not at all limited to walkways, decks, patios, retaining walls, steps, and so much more. We use our equipment properly to deliver excellent results without risking any harm to the surfaces that are being washed.

Can landscape care be done without expert help?

Technically, it is possible for property owners to maintain certain parts of their landscape on their own. It is not easy to deal with landscape care procedures without the right training and the right experience. For example, picking up weeds from your lawn on your own can take hours and prove to be exhausting. However, investing in a backyard weed removal service produces great results without you having to endure hard labor. Experts can provide flawless care that easily exceeds expectations.

We hope that after going through our page, you got all the details you need to determine if we fit your precise requirements. If you need some more insights, then reach out to Blades Lawn Care at (210) 729-0468, and our customer service experts will be more than happy to help. We would love to provide you with modern landscape edging and related services. We are reliable, skilled, and trusted experts, happy to serve clients across the entire San Antonio, TX area.

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