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Improving the aesthetics and functionality of a landscape is a challenge. Contact a landscape contractor like Blades Lawn Care to get the results you’ve always desired. Our professionals handle landscape jobs in San Antonio, TX efficiently and effectively. With our assistance, your yard will be distinctive and stand out from the rest of the neighborhood!


Look no further than, Blades Lawn Care for an Affordable Lawn Service in San Antonio, TX

What Can Be Done



Taking care of a yard’s flowers, hedges, and even trees is known as landscaping. It requires ingenuity and skill to cultivate a perfect yard and keep the soil healthy enough to sustain plants. We utilize modern landscape edging, which we can place in your yard to ensure that the grass is uniform and the same shade regardless of the weather.
Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

It takes more than always having the ideal layout for your yard to look lovely. You must take a ton of additional factors into account while making your estimates. Do you have the time to remove any extraneous clutter, then? Do you have the tools necessary to get rid of them? Are you aware of how to maintain everything’s health? We can certainly accomplish it for you with our backyard weed removal service!


Every lawn, whether at a residence or business, needs tender loving care to flourish. You must implement a systematic, regular fertilizer service and weed control program for your lawn and garden. Our landscaping company employs skilled lawn care specialists who can provide all types of grasses with thorough, routine fertilizer treatments.
Power Washing

Power Washing

Investing in our power washing service can transform your outside area into an attractive location. Your walks, roofs, or patios may be kept clean and free of dirt or dust by our trained personnel. We will use our years of expertise and the tools to ensure a seamless and successful outcome.

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Landscaping service
Landscaping service

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Hiring us as your lawn service provider will give you one of the most gorgeous outcomes. Along with our expertise and knowledge, we also have the necessary training, tools, and attitude to complete any job successfully. Our experts are meticulous and won’t overlook even the smallest detail. You won’t squander either time or money.


For a Trusted Modern Landscape Edging in San Antonio, TX, contact (210) 729-0468 now!

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What We Do

After meeting with you to prepare the materials and work area, we will take notes of your specifications, requests, plans, and desired service. Experts use tried-and-true methods explicitly tailored to your property’s needs. Before we call it a day on this project, we’ll give it one more once-over to ensure nothing was overlooked.


Contact (210) 729-0468 for a Professional Backyard Weed Removal Service in San Antonio, TX


The Areas That We Also Serve

Our reliable landscaping service is also available in the following areas:

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The best landscaping contractor for beautiful landscaping is Blades Lawn Care. You may create the garden of your dreams with the assistance of our San Antonio, TX professionals. Contact us right now!

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by Betty A. on Blades Lawn Care
Super Impressed With the Work

I hired this reliable landscaping service close to me since there was no way I could complete a landscape job on my own. I have to admit that this was one of my greatest choices ever. This landscaper does their work well and is aware of what you desire. Thank you for the fantastic outcomes!

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